• Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Hack

    Our Call of Duty ghosts Prestige Hack allows you to choose which prestige you wish to be! (1-10)
    You can also choose to have:
    Minigun class
    • All gold guns
    • Unlimited squad points
    • Radar hack
    • Aimbot
    • All of the uniforms.

    All of the above is customizable too! You can just go to 5th prestige and have nothing else, or you could just have the Aimbot. Or maybe have everything except the gold guns if you wish to unlock them yourself!
    If you can still read this message, this means the Call of Duty Ghosts Hack still works!
    So hurry and use it while you can!
    This is 100% safe and undetectable, you can fully customize your K/D also.

    1. Visit our call of duty ghosts prestige hack website
    2. Enter your Email/User ID in our call of duty ghosts prestige hack site
    3. Enter the prestige you wish to be
    4. Select which of the above you want to add!
    No need to download anything, simply complete the above and let our call of duty ghosts prestige glitch do its work!