• Free Skype Credit

    Needing some skype credit? Get some free using our free skype credit generator! Works online so no need for downloads. Supports all devices/platforms and it’s easy to use. Get as much as you like using this generator which exploits a glitch found in their database months ago and it’s still working! This is totally undetectable hence the reason why it’s still working. Just don’t go too crazy adding thousands because that would raise alarms wouldn’t it? Keep it reasonable and everyone is happy. Worst case scenario is that it would be patched, that’s where we update it!

    Free Skype Credit Features:

    • Add skype credit free.
    • Undetectable.
    • Free and easy to use.
    • Updated on a daily basis.
    • Works on all platforms/devices.


    free skype credit proof


    Adding credit is far easier than you think, the main problem is keeping it undetectable and using it without being caught. This is what sucked up most of our time while creating it, it’s the security side of things. Security meaning keeping it and not being caught. Keep the amounts decent and you will keep out of sight.
    Visit the site below to use it now.

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