• Saints Row IV Cheats

    Saints Row IV Cheats

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    Below we have a list of Saints Row IV Cheats available to use right now!
    These have all been tested and they work 100%

    Our Saints Row IV Cheats below are not found anywhere else, so you will need to unlock them to prevent them being spread everywhere.
    Not Yet Unlocked                Makes Player Invisible

    Not Yet Unlocked                Makes Player Untouchable

    Not Yet Unlocked                Jump as high as 10,000 ft

    Not Yet Unlocked                Huge Wheels Mode

    Not Yet Unlocked                Spawn a Tank

    Unlock the above Cheats

    supertk                 Unlock “Telekenesis” Superpower

    runfast                 Unlimited Sprint

    supersaints                 Unlock “Super Saints” Superpower

    superstomp                 Unlock “Stomp” Superpower

    superdfa                Unlock “Death from Above” Superpower

    superbuff                 Unlock “Buff” Superpower

    superblast                 Unlock “Blast” Superpower

    instantwarden                Instant Warden Notoriety

    nowardens                 Disable Wardens

    goodygoody                 Clear Notoriety

    repaircar                 Repair Current Vehicle

    vroom                 No Vehicle Damage

    cheese                 Give Cash ($100,000)

    letsrock                 Give a Set of Weapons

    nosuperpowers                 Disable All Superpowers

    nosupermove                 Disable Super Movement

    isquishyou                 Smash Vehicles Easily

    hohoho                 Pimps and Hos Pedestrians

    mascot                 Mascot Pedestrians

    insanecity                 Insane City

    fryhole                 Heaven-Bound

    fastforward                 Fast-Forward

    evilcars                 Evil Cars

    noglitchcity                 Disable Glitch FX

    bigheadmode                 Big Head Mode

    ascii                 ASCII Mode